--- Training for Therapists and Health Professionals ---

"In Ilene's class you will receive valuable tools that you can begin to utilize immediately, that will allow you to generate the changes you always knew were possible, but were never able to achieve."
-- Glenna Rice, Physical Therapist, Access Facilitator

"Ilene Wolf is Insightful, talented and quick. I attend a class she runs exclusively for therapists, called "Getting to The Heart of the Matter". I've never seen anyone so quickly identify the source of a problem and instantly understand the path to healing.
This workshop allows you to bring to life your inner drama and rewrite your life's "script," with the support of the group. You'll bring to life relationships, recruit allies and heal age-old problems while retrieving the most loving and healthy parts of yourself. This is absolutely the most rewarding and effective therapy class I have ever attended -- and it's fun. I highly recommend it!"

-- Alan Barsky, CHT, MH

"I experienced the feeling of being seen and understood through the psychodrama techniques used. Ilene used a combination of techniques to get me focused and advocated for me as client while in the process. It was an enlightening process."
-- Patricia Wilson, MA, LMFT

"Ilene has guided me through significant life changes with compassion and skill.   She has opened my eyes to previously undiscovered talents and strengths and encouraged me to believe in myself.  She allows me to speak freely because I know she is not judging me."
-- CB, professional writer

--- Legal and Ethical Workshops ---

"I hadn't imagined having so much fun, while deeply learning about the legal and ethical issues most relevant to my private practice from the inside out.  I am normally shy in groups, but the leaders quickly facilitated a safe supportive collegial environment where I felt comfortable sharing my deepest ethical concerns and then doing psycho-drama around these concerns.  I look forward to the next time I'm required to fulfill my Law and Ethics CEU's."
-- Joanne Davis, MFT

"I have taken many law and ethics courses, but none has been nearly as engaging, entertaining and meaningful as Law and Ethics In Action. If you are tempted to take the course on line, you will miss the opportunity to engage with your peers in ways that feel gentle, supportive and connecting. The cure for law and ethics apathy!"
-- Rob Fisher, LMFT, author of Experiential Psychotherapy with Couples

"I never knew Law and Ethics could be so engaging! Not only did I learned a lot, but I had the chance to make wonderful new/sustaining connections in the participants/peer group, something I don’t always get to do because I am in private practice. The group drew on their own experience with clinical conundrums to make it come alive."
-- Syd Sarah Strong, PhD, Psychotherapist, Private Practice Berkeley


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