Legal Ethical Workshop

In this workshop, we will explore legal and ethical decisions, using action methods to help them come alive.

Workshop for therapists

You will:
• Increase your knowledge about ethics while having fun in the process
• Develop your skills in problem-solving regarding ethical issues
• Strengthen your ability to assess ethical issues which arise in both private practice and institutional settings
• Explore specific concerns regarding fees, client contacts, and confidentiality

What others say…

“This is absolutely the most entertaining and yet meaningful law and ethics course. The material was essential and fascinating. The teachers created a supportive group that not only challenged us, but allowed us to connect with peers in new and exciting ways. The cure for law and ethics apathy!” ~ Rob Fisher, LMFT, author of Experiential Psychotherapy with Couples

Ilene Wolf, LMFT, RTD/BCT

Workshops and Private Sessions

offered in the San Francisco Bay Area, United States, and Internationally

I know you can feel better.

Saturday and Evening
Appointments Available


Legal Ethical Workshop Instructors

Ilene Wolf, MFT, RDT
(MFC 30589), is the director of The Drama Therapy Institute. She graduated from U.C. Berkeley and  trained at MRI in brief solution-focused therapy. Ilene specializes in using action-oriented methods with children and families in Marin and San Francisco.


Sylvia Israel, MFT (MFC 31245), Certified Psychodrama Trainer, Registered Drama Therapist/Trainer and Founder/Director of IMAGINE! Center for Creativity and Healing, and teaches at CIIS. She maintains a practice in Marin and San Francisco.


George Taylor, MFT (MFC 31219), recently won a statewide CAMFT writing contest on Legal/Ethical Issues. He teaches relationship workshops with his wife Debra, a Spirit Rock Meditation Center teacher. He has a practice in Marin and San Francisco.


What others say…


“I never knew Law and Ethics could be so engaging! Not only did I learned a lot, but I had the chance to make wonderful new/sustaining connections in the participants/peer group, something I don’t always get to do because I am in private practice. The group drew on their own experience with clinical conundrums to make it come alive.”

~ Syd Sarah Strong, PhD, Psychotherapist, Private Practice Berkeley

“I hadn’t imagined having so much fun, while deeply learning about the legal and ethical issues most relevant to my private practice from the inside out. I am normally shy in groups, but the leaders quickly facilitated a safe supportive collegial environment where I felt comfortable sharing my deepest ethical concerns and then doing psycho-drama around these concerns. I look forward to the next time I’m required to fulfill my Law and Ethics CEU’s.”

~ Joanne Davis, MFT