Drama Therapy Workshop

Training group for educators, business leaders, therapists and coaches. A workshop using drama therapy to grow your private practice.

Improving your capacity to change limiting beliefs
about yourself – so that life can work for you!


Benefits of Drama Therapy – enjoy a phenomenal Life


  • Stop making yourself wrong and have more fun!
  • Learn to take a few necessary risks, and admit that things do really matter.
  • Learn the 5 Secrets to be more vulnerable, to invite greater opportunities and better relationships.
  • Convey more ease in relationships that are important to you.
  • Celebrate your strengths, grow more tolerance, kindness and empathy, to invite increased awareness and trust in yourself.
  • Lean into your therapist as the safe, grounding and perceptive mirror, who is there to support you to get your needs met.
  • Recognize, honor and let go of habituated outdated ways of being.
  • Cultivate more ease relying on the immediacy of a more authentic voice and presence.
  •  Metabolize grief and resolve “unfinished business” so that they may be more available to live in the awareness of the present
  • Access the language you were born with, the language of play! Enjoying more creativity and spontaneity; learn how to be more authentic, improving the overall quality of every aspect of your life.
  • Take on the role of protagonist to become a hero in your own life, rather than always projecting the role of hero onto others.
  • Build greater trust in yourself and go on to repair relationships, if you choose to.
  • Metabolize grief and resolve “unfinished business,” so you may be more present in the here and now.
  • Eventually release the repetitive captivating nature of a negative inducing story and release defensive patterns.
  • Choose something different; Overcome fear of rejection, failure and conflict.

Forgive Yourself – Again & Again!
Awaken to Loving Your Life Again.

Ilene Wolf, LMFT, RTD/BCT

Workshops and Private Sessions

offered in the San Francisco Bay Area, United States, and Internationally

I know you can feel better.

Saturday and Evening
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We Embody Resilience

Find Your Unique Voice among a universal language that dates back to the Greeks – principles of love, sorrow and transcendence.