Coaching for Women

“Oh, God, help me to believe the truth about myself – no matter how beautiful it is.”

~ Macrina Wiederkehr

Learning techniques to empower yourself


Sister Courage: Studies have found that when one woman speaks up in the boardroom and no one supports her she may withdraw and feel demoralized, but if just one woman agrees, then many people see the value of her contribution.
Define yourself rather than letting other people define you.
Embrace controversy and use it to draw people to you and make Bids for Connection.*

*Bids for Connection: A technique that Ilene teaches that takes only eight minutes to learn that helps you connect with anyone, no matter how difficult. It’s a game that remarkably improves the quality of your life, your connections and it’s fun!

Forgive Yourself – Again & Again!
Awaken to Loving Your Life Again.

Ilene Wolf, LMFT, RTD/BCT
San Francisco Bay Area

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We Embody Resilience

Be Mesmerized as you Find Your Unique Voice among a universal language that dates back to the Greeks principles of love, sorrow and transcendence.

What others say…


“Ilene has guided me through significant life changes with compassion and skill.   She has opened my eyes to previously undiscovered talents and strengths and encouraged me to believe in myself.  She allows me to speak freely because I know she is not judging me.”

~ CB, professional writer