Stop Bully Program

Our vision is to create a world, one neighborhood at a time, in which all children feel safe, happy, cared for, and appreciated.

Drama therapy empowering children

Rather than targeting children’s negative behavior, these school programs effectively use drama therapy and role play to build a cohesive group that encourages children to find and develop their unique voice and become leaders in their classroom.
This is all developed in a safe contained workshop lead by licensed marriage and family therapists and drama therapists.

Goals of Stop Bully Program

• Reach every single child to help children become more successful.
• Children become a source of Kindness and guidance for others.
• Capable students conquer anger.
• Kids feel more relaxed at school and home,
making it easier to achieve academic goals.
• Kids share frustrations and develop their creative dreams.
• Children build a peer group where they get the chance to listen to someone who maybe is in the same school, but comes from a different neighborhood and different economic background.

Ilene Wolf, LMFT, RTD/BCT

Workshops and Private Sessions

offered in the San Francisco Bay Area, United States, and Internationally

I know you can feel better.

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We Embody Resilience

Find Your Unique Voice among a universal language that dates back to the Greeks – principles of love, sorrow and transcendence.