Change Invites Courage.
Revitalize your life with
Highly Effective Therapy.

Change Invites Courage.
Revitalize your life with Highly Effective Therapy.

“Each person is always on the threshold between their inner world and their outer world, between light and darkness, between known and unknown, between question and quest, between fact and possibility. This threshold runs through every experience we have, and our only real guide to this world is the imagination…when you awaken someone’s imagination, you are giving them a new kingdom, a new world.”  – John O’Donohue

You Can Be Happy!
Drama Therapy allows you to:
• Develop more compassion toward yourself and people you love.
• Develop Equanimity.
• Connect to a deeper, more coherent part of yourself.
• Explore your professional voice.
• Acknowledge your ability to negotiate in any given situation-no matter how difficult!
• In group work: connect to like-minded individuals, in a nurturing environment
• Have more fun in the process!
Standing Up to Anxiety & Anger; Pragmatic Tools to Overcome Worry and Blame
How can we find ways to love, cherish and unconditionally accept who we are now?
Highly Effective Group Therapy or Individual therapy provides you the exact ways to learn:
• Live with More Joy and Bring awareness to the Present.
• Self-Empathy Kit and Pragmatic Tools:
How to Communicate in Challenging Situations and Work with Difficult People
• Discover 5 Easy Ways to Forgive and Let Go.
• Reveal and develop inner strengths to be in the present.
Therapy Improves
Your Relationship with yourself.
Your Relationships with people.
Your Relationship to your life and well being.

Bids for Connections:

Overcoming Sorrow – How to Accept that which cannot be Accepted.
Therapy that can Improve Every Aspect of Your Life – you can call us @ 415 420 3619.

By showing up you will discover many essentials: Discover that you might even be stronger than you realize. This is a powerful process that allows you to accept who you truly are and the many aspects of yourself.

This program will give you the skills to be real in your life. You have to be willing to be real – no matter what it takes.

No acting or theatre experience necessary!

Ilene Wolf, LMFT, RTD/BCT

Workshops and Private Sessions

offered in the San Francisco Bay Area, United States, and Internationally

I know you can feel better.

Saturday and Evening
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We Embody Resilience

Find Your Unique Voice among a universal language that dates back to the Greeks – principles of love, sorrow and transcendence.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

– Rumi

Our current programs:

“An amazing, insightful experience…”

“Ilene Wolff is an exceptional therapist–the therapists’ therapist. Insightful, talented and quick. I attend a class she runs exclusively for therapists, called “Drama Therapy for Therapists.” I’ve never seen anyone so quickly identify the source of a problem and then instantly move toward the path to healing. The class is constantly in motion as we act out the drama that drives our inner drama, in what transforms into a drama-therapy-training-ground. An amazing, insightful experience, it translates well to my own clientele. .”

~ Primo M.

“I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a workshop with Ilene Wolff and she is nothing short of amazing! She is a strong, bright and clear teacher and therapist who creates a lot of depth, safety, and connection in a very short period of time. Everyone in our group opened up, connected easily and experienced a great sense of joy in Ilene’s presence through her skilled facilitation. I highly recommend working with her.”

~ Lorraine Platt, MA, LMFT