The darker the night, the brighter the stars.
-ancient Chinese proverb

Ilene Wolf, MFTDrama Therapy allows you to:

Finding the Ability to stand up to Anxiety

Asking Questions are tools to open up possibilities. One question People can ask themselves is, " What's right about me that I am not getting?" "How am I not accepting or receiving all aspects of myself?"

We are so busy trying to make ourselves wrong we miss out on who we uniquely are and what we have to contribute on a daily basis. We instead have decided and judged who we think we are based on our self-image. We are often trying to make ourselves feel something other than what we actually do feel.

How can we accept all aspects of ourselves?

In a sacred group therapy space or in individual therapy you will learn:

"I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a workshop with Ilene Wolff and she is nothing short of amazing!  She is a strong, bright and clear teacher and therapist who creates a lot of depth, safety, and connection in a very short period of time.  Everyone in our group opened up, connected easily and experienced a great sense of joy in Ilene’s presence through her skilled facilitation.  I highly recommend working with her."
-- Lorraine Platt, MA, LMFT

Unmet longing

Protecting ourselves from intimacy can leave us starved; reaching for addictive behaviors to fill us up. We look to how people are making bids for closeness; how these bids are met, welcomed, dismissed or avoided.

Richard Diebenkorn- Ocean Park No. 116People often have accommodating or dismissive interactive styles of relating:

Commitment to this Process:

You are the only one strong enough to take down your own defenses, defenses which no longer serve you. This is a process that allows you to accept who you truly are and the many sides of yourself. This program will give you the skills to learn how to be real. You have to be willing to be real- no matter what it takes.

Learn the Five Secrets Essential to Effective Communication

No Acting or Theatre Experience Necessary.

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